live at leedsI’m a looping guitarist living in Sheffield, England. I have been performing for 35 years in a variety of professional bands and latterly, as a solo artist / collaborator.

Repetition and Intuition are the key factors behind my music, which places dynamics & timbre high up the list. The guitar is an organic sound source that uses looping technology and treatment to build soundscapes. My pieces are born, evolve and die away.

Forthcoming gigs:
June 23rd 3 Cranes Robinson Archer Dinsdale – Das RAD
June 24th Bishops House Robinson Archer Dinsdale – Das RAD


archerthrioGot a couple of exciting events with DAS RAD – featuring myself along with

Martin Archer
Following an early career with 1980s jazz punk pell mellers Bass Tone Trap, followed by the fondly remembered and widely gigged Hornweb Sax Quartet, Martin disappeared into the recording studio for 15 years in 1994, from where he produced a series of highly acclaimed albums for his own Discus imprint. In recent years, as well as forging a several album creative partnership with veteran vocalist Julie Tippetts, Martin currently works with avant rock groups Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere and Combat Astronomy, 35 voice experimental music choir Juxtavoices,and most recently ten piece jazz group Engine Room Favourites, in which Martin revisits his AACM roots.

Steve Dinsdale
Steve Dinsdale plays keyboards and drums in the leading British electronic trio Radio Massacre International, who have released a plethora of albums over the last 20 years and played concerts in both Europe and America. He is also a member of Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere and Engine Room Favourites, and has several solo albums to his name.

June 23rd 3 Cranes Robinson Archer Dinsdale – Das RAD
June 24th Bishops House Robinson Archer Dinsdale – Das RAD

Novation forum closes

Unbelievably, Novation have closed their forum. They say:

“As the Novation community has developed over the years, it has naturally found the bulk of it’s voice on Social Media. To ensure we can be there to discuss and support you as best we can, we’ve decided to close the forum.”

WTF? Forums are by far the most useful source of information and easiest way to get help on specific products. Novation hardware is awesome and almost unrivalled. yet the lack of a forum is inexcusable and their approach to editor software is abysmal – no launchcontrol updates in over 3 years, as far as I can tell. There are so many ways it could be improved, here are a few I sent them…

As a guitarist, holding down two keys requires serious contortion. you could make the user/factory buttons latching until a template is selected, so you can change templates with one hand / two presses.

since most poeple will adapt user templates, why not have a “long press” (or press both pads) option to quickly select a template?

add more clip options as with the smaller LC so there is a template that allows left/right up/down movement and a pad to trigger the selected sample

allow the user to “swap” template with other function keys to their taste

allow factory templates to be copied into a user template so (for example) the pan control can be easily assigned to a user template
offer incremental bulk filling of selected controls in user mode, so (for example, a series of consecutive CC or midi note values could be quickly created
preset all pads with CC instead of note – I doubt most people will play tunes with it
that said, you could offer preset musical scales across the pads?
offer LED brightness (or flashing?) to indicate which template you are currently using – I use 4 templates and forget which is currently active
allow editing of factory templates with a “restore to default” option – otherwise factory templates 7-8 are of little use
allow colour select by clicking on the graphical LED for a drop down list
offer colour options for ALL pads
set default “save to” folder
allow naming of templates
bug – “It looks like you’re using Windows 8” appears every time, the “don’t show again” box doesn’t seem to function?

ultrasonic midi controller

My delvings for a hands-free midi controller have been using infrared detectors. Whilst they work fine, the shape of them (rectangular) requires the ability to cut similarly shaped holes in the aluminium casing. Sadly, it seems almost impossible to do this easily and neatly.

So I’m now trying an ultrasonic detector, namely the HS-SR04 model, cheap as chips from China and more importantly, with round detectors, for which a drill bit can rout a suitable hole. The arduino code is essentially the same as the IR, except that there is one extra cable required. It’s working as before and I’ve added a switch to alternate between latching on/off and variable CC messages. The next step is to add a “freeze” button to hold the CC at a given value (like the airFX has).


Red Zoo 2016 rehearsal #2

My band “Red Zoo” from the 80s have re-united at long last, to play a memorial concert for our dear friend Martin Lilleker. Here’s a song from their early back catalogue called “Torch”, as featured on the Bouquet Of Steel album (under the name “Veiled Threat” – thanks to Les & Pete for writing it)


Stiff knob

Dear Viz,

For some months, my knob has become increasingly stiff and when I hold it, I can’t make the smooth circular movements that give me most pleasure. So, when the time came for a re-string (every 18 months or so) I took the opportunity to lube up my knob using WD40 and it now works like a charm, all stiffness gone, it sounds like a Stradivarius as I “do an Akkerman” with it.

Relieved of Sheffield