Here are a few short samples taken from within longer pieces. Fidelity has been lowered to ensure they stream on slower connections. Some are played live, others are pieces dropped onto the computer using Ableton Live And Audition to (re)arrange and (re)treat the various sounds.

There are samples of each track from an early release “one

I’ve completed a project where I’ve arranged loops from Bernhard Wagner with those my own. You can listen and buy/download from my bandcamp site.

Lots available on Soundcloud (although i can’t make their embedded player work!)

Chain Tape Collective
birdsandmenThe CT group set each other projects with tight definitions, but within those limits, musicians can submit whatever they like. There is no pressure to be “commercial and I find their philosophy highly inspiring. Here are my tracks, which can be downloaded free from their site. The newest tracks are at the top.

My Newt from One Minute
Ahh Monique from Harmonics
Battle of the Reverb Plate from Reverb
Foreplay from Quartet
Bleaklow from Nature
Capricorn from Zodiac
Careless Raptor from Birds
Vivacia from Acoustic 2
Pheasant Plucking from Birds & Men
Don’t Waste Your Wiener from Teisha
Fight Them On The Beaches from Great Speeches (review)
Canson from Paper Music

akira – featuring the alesis akira
excerpt from Leeds Awakenings 05
excerpt from Leeds Awakenings 06
shen – dedicated to one of my origami inspirations, the late Philip Shen
ping – cunningly named piece I recorded many years ago…
snippet from 10 years ago!
live improv from Heeley City Farm gig
live improv from somewhere

There are also some (older) full length tracks available at

A short track I contributed to the 10th anniversary of Loopers Delight – (near the end of the page)

All the usual copyright guff applies – no commercial use without prior consent, just ask!

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