Glow in the dark knobs!

Custom stage lighting ;)

My first gig with a laptop passed reasonably trouble free, except that the lighting was almost non-existent, meaning I struggled to see the faders & knobs on my edirol controller keyboard. My first bright idea was to bring down a genuine 1950s PIFCO lamp to illuminate things, but I’m now considering other options. One is some kind of USB light, perhaps even this wonderful fishtank job, to be found on ebay.

finger lights

Jez (aka Modulator ESP) swears by “fingerlights” (which look like something to be found in a sex shop!) but they might just impede my guitar playing.

I actually bought some plastic glasses with a  little led light on either side, but I feel too much of a disk to wear them and the “clear” plastic lenses almost defeat the point of wearing them.

glowing knobs!I’ve seen some fairly cool “glow in the dark” knobs, but they are seriously expensive for what you get, it would cost more than the damn keyboard to replace all the knobs. Plus, they only seem to offer the ends of faders, not knobs themselves.

Ebay offers rotary knobs with a glowing stripe, but once again, they seem so expensive and being a tight Yorkshireman, I’d sooner paint my own. Will investigate luminous spray next. Any bright ideas?

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