Lost Garden #2 debut

Here’s a video of the latter half of the second piece.

Danse Society support

Lost Garden were asked to support Danse Society at West Street Live, Sheffield on 25/06/15. At the end of their set, we got up to play one of their songs, Message in the wind” and then the old Comsat classic, Independence Day. Here’s a rough-ish vid of the first number 😉

Further Awakenings video

A further video by Phil Booth & Jez Creek of the 2015 Awakenings gig in Burton

Video from Awakenings

A video by the inestimable Phil Booth of the 2015 Awakenings gig in Burton

Missing credits ;(

We would like to publicly apologise to Frostlake, who supplied the enchanting vocals on the Lost Garden track Zasada – through a series of senior moments, we seem to have forgotten to give her the credit she deserved on the sleeve. We are utterly mortified – It’s inexcusable, even for two men prone to more than their fair share of senior moments. We hope a reprint will happen before too long and at that point, will restore the missing credit.


Yes, we do have them 😉 Here’s some random footage with a recording of a rehearsal in our amazing 16th C rooms…