Combat Astronomy contribution

I‘m delighted to appear on the latest release by Combat Astronomy “Symmetry Through Collapse” (on the tracks “Kyber” & “Hik Mahl Hisze”) recently released by Discus Music.

It’s fascinating to hear the finished results of an Archer production, since I contributed at an early stage (pre-vocals, courtesy of Dalila Kayros) so you never quite know how your performance will be used.

The results are dark and dense – it’s safe to say this is challenging music (my metalhead son has just been driven out of the room!) but who wants to play it safe??

Cloudberry Cake

Is the name of a wonderful blog run by Roque, who has a real passion for obscure indie bands. I discovered it whilst searching for old band sleeves and there’s an entry about Typhoon Saturday (with a picture of Active Gliders, but what the heck).

She (?) shows a rare sensitivity for the genre, clearly aware that although small potatoes to the world of musical movers & shakers, these bands meant the world to a select few and we treasure our memories of them, which take us back to younger, happier, healthier(!) days…

Anyone remember Vena Cava?

Happy Birthday Elaine

Readers will no doubt be enjoying the earth-shattering news that Red Zoo have reformed (albeit with “new” bassist Max). Well, it’s singer Elaine’s birthday today, so here’s a shot from the good old days, when we played at the Lion on the Wicker on the 80s.

lion on wicker


The Big Boss Man

Over the years, I’ve loved Boss multi-FX pedals, they are so flexible & well-thought-through. Starting with a GP100, I was using a GT3 until recently and now, thanks to my thoughtful son, I own the latest GT-1 device! I think it will deliver *exactly* what I need in a compact, study package.

My good mate Martyn Bailey persuaded me to unbox & demo it on the morning after my 60th, so please excuse the sloppiness!

Thanks son!

Red Zoo live! Yes!

At my recent 60th birthday celebrations (organised in secret by my my family) my band from the 80s, Red Zoo, finally lugged our zimmer frames onto a stage and performed a full set of originals (plus a new toon by bassist Max). And here’s proof 😉


What’s wrong with midi?

The current trend for multi-fx seems 100% down the foot-pedal market. Apart from the dubious merits of having £1000+ worth of gear on the beer-sodden stage to jump up and down on, I’ve yet to find a pedal that is compact and can be configured they way I like it (easy patch jump, switch effects on & off easily within a patch etc etc). I realise different players want different options, but a bit of common sense would help – for example, why does the TC Nova system have a *dedicated* reverb button on the lower bank of switches?

My Boss GT5 is pretty good but lacks things like a range of echoes. So, when I saw the GT001, I thought – excellent, loads of modern sounds, compact unit, cheap, hook up my FCB1010 and I’m away. Sadly not, it has no midi socket. What were they thinking?? With a midi controller, it would be a superb & flexible solution.

There are plenty of us enlightened twangers who are familiar with midi and love the flexibility it offers, who just want a nice 1U rack with all the gubbins inside to be controlled by a midi pedal. C’mon Boss, you know it makes sense.

Below a possible DIY solution. My quest continues.